Dolciaria Marche

Specialties from the Marche for the most demanding palates.
nemo & dolciaria


Our brand name recalls the freedom of taste…
there is no accounting for taste, or better said in Latin De gustibus non est disputandum! We, at La Dolciaria Marche, strongly believe that culinary arts are a mean of communication and that the confectionary arts are a resourceful mine of ideas and inspiration for sins of the throat and for everyday enjoyment.

We are traditionally sensitive to the latest trends of the market and here is where the secret of our longstanding business in almost 4 decades of success lies.

On one hand, our continuous search for taste and, on the other, our commercial and production flexibility enable our company to meet any customisation demand of our clients. The last but not the least, we offer our customers the choice of personalised wrappings and packages of our items without any minimum quantity requirement for the order.
This is a strong and peculiar asset of our company that attracts both small and big clients: we are able to meet any requirement of our customers and make them happy!

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